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Name: Delphia

Age: 20

How long have you been reading VC?:
I've been reading The Vampire Chronicles for, oh - a meager three years? I'm not even sure if it's been that long, but man, am I glad to have come across them. I think what lead me onto them was coming across Pandora sitting on my English teacher's shelf back in high school. I opened it up and started reading it, fell in love with the writing style, and instantly wanted to know more about the author. God, was I in for a surprise -- a pleasant one. And now I am politely (or impolitely, considering the contents) forever obsessed and enamored.

Which books have you read?:
Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, Tale of the Body Thief, halfway into The Vampire Armand -- and I stopped there for fear of ruining the magic after being assured that no good things happen after that point. I should really finish Armand, but admittently I'm afraid at what I might encounter, knowing the unsatisfying turn that took place at or a little after that point.

Who's your favorite character, and why?:
I would have to say Lestat, for obvious reasons. He is the main character, after all, the impetus for everything, the deviant, devil-may-care fiend whom inspires such flagrant hatred and lust and love. I think what I love most about him is his psychological well-being, or the lack there of. Lestat simply does not give a damn -- but wait! He does! Oh, no, that was a mistake -- he really doesn't -- no... no, he does, he really does, and he wants redemption-- no! Nope! 

I think what I love most about him is the effect he's had on other characters, namely Louis. Without Louis, Lestat would be far less interesting to me. I love the dynamics of their relationship, their push and pull and their ultimately broken but necessary and unshakable love for one another.

Who's your LEAST favorite character and why?: I'm not sure if I've ever felt a true dislike for any character within The Vampire Chronicles, or what I've read of them. Each character is interesting in his or her own right. I didn't real like Akasha, as her influence was maddening and stole Lestat away from what it was he should have been concerned with.

What's your favorite VC book? Why?: The Vampire Lestat, as we were given a very descriptive look into the mind of Lestat (or whatever it was he wanted us to perceive of him). I loved the history and the tragedy, the rise and fall and rise again of a vampire that really does want to live forever, despite his fluctuating motivations. It was a roller coaster ride -- horrifying, very sad, and last but not least, very sexy.

What's your LEAST favorite VC book? Why?:
I readily enjoyed all of the books that I've read (and read and read and read and read over and over...) but I've not been able to finish The Vampire Armand for some reason or another. It's sitting on my shelf and I mean to complete it, but there's just something... notably off about it that I can't put my finger on. It isn't as withstanding with me as the others have been.

If you could change one thing about the series, what would it be?: Oh, God... Don't get me started. --I would, firstly, encourage Anne to continue writing the Chronicles in a true-to-form manner. We weren't given the closure that we deserve, in my opinion. I've looked into and researched (without reading) the remainder of the books enough to know that much.

I would, too, erase the existence of The Move That Must Not Be Named. That was a slap in the face. That was a laugh. I can go on and on and on about how terrible it was, how utterly reprehensible it was, and then I would develop a tic. I would probably suffer some kind of respiratory failure with how passionate I am about hating that movie.

I suppose that was two things. Oh well -- there's more, but then this introduction would be much, much longer than it needs to be.

Apr. 8th, 2011

Name: Sherry

Age: 24 years old

How long have you been reading VC?: I have been reading VC since I was ten years old. The Interview with the Vampire movie came out when I was eight and I became slightly obsessed with it and I finally sat down and read it at the age of ten. For the longest VC was all I would read and talk about. I think I drove my family and friends nuts talking about it all the time.

Which books have you read?: I've read all of them and yes, I managed to get through the horrible VC books too. I have been thinking about re-reading them since its been a while and I've forgotten some of the scenes. It is always good to read them a second time especially since that last time was during your preteens. By reading them again I'm sure you catch things that you missed when you were younger. Your perspective on the characters and situations change also.

Who's your favorite character, and why?: My favorite character would have to be Armand. While Lestat is awesome I think Armand has a certain depth to his personality.I find his background to be interesting and despite him being a spoiled brat in some situations I think he has a certain "charm" to him. The world through his eyes is very interesting.

Who's your LEAST favorite character and why?: I can't really say that I have a least favorite character. I'd have to say that the characters in Vittorio didn't really strike me as "awesome" but that's just me. I found those characters to be slightly flat and a little uninteresting. I also want to mention that Rowan AND Mona Mayfair kind of got on my nerves.

What's your favorite VC book? Why?: Okay, I'm going to be biased and go with The Vampire Armand. The relationship between Armand and Marius is beautiful(in a dysfunctional way) even though it is kind of creepy. I love the imagery expressed in it. I also love Venice and the way it is described makes me feel like I'm there with Armand and Marius. All in all, I found it to be a beautifully written book. I should really say I have two favorites because its hard to choose between TVA and TVL. Lestat has a bit of humor to him and Armand has that slight bitterness that make both of their stories interesting.

What's your LEAST favorite VC book? Why?: Blood Canticle, I mean, Lestat wanting to become a saint? Really, Anne Rice, really. It was like I was reading a bad fanfiction from Lestat. The worst part about it was that it was written by Anne Rice. I've never heard of an author write their character like they're part of a bad fanfiction. I know a lot of people hated Memnoch but Blood Canticle takes the cake.

If you could change one thing about the series, what would it be?: I would have liked to see one more book by Louis. As emo as he is, he did have interesting thoughts. It seems like he got pushed to the side and forgotten when he is the one that started the whole series. Also, some of the religious references could have been toned down a bit.

Requisite intro!

Name: Alexander

Age: 17

How long have you been reading VC?:
Since I was small enough to have to climb a bookcase to reach my mom’s copy of Tale of the Body Thief. And then make faces any time genitalia were mentioned, because ew. Maybe 10 or 11?

Which books have you read?: Interview, TVL, QotD and TotBT. That is, not nearly enough. >.> (And in weird order.) I’m working on it. Reading over this comm was, in fact, what got me wanting to read more, rather than resign myself to all the rest falling under the umbrella heading of crazypants!Anne handiwork. I’m being really cautious about reading anything Armand-centric due to triggers, so I’m taking it slow.

Who's your favorite character, and why?: I like Louis the most; I found him the most interesting in Interview, and while I get Lestat’s appeal, I find Louis the most interesting narrator. Mostly by the dubious merit of Being Less Annoying Than Lestat, but I like his initial Catholic guilt and his melancholy more than I like Lestat’s recklessness. I admit I’ve mindlessly gone “lol, yeah, i know right?” to LOL EMO LOUIS bullshit in the past, but I’ve come to appreciate him so much more as a character and been able to separate him from the film character, which helps. That melancholy when he speaks is very appealing and resonant with me.

I like Nicki too, but I can’t say that that’s something actually gleaned from canon. One of my best friends is very fond of him, and the two are kind of intertwined in my head. Which... isn’t super-flattering to her, come to think of it, but she made the comparison first and it’s not an inappropriate one. It’s on her behalf that I picked up the series as an older teen, though she’s not comfortable talking about it any more, and it makes rereading his bits painful.

Who's your LEAST favorite character and why?: I have really little patience for Lestat; I find him interesting to read about and all, but he’s too grating for me to really enjoy his point of view, or care overmuch about what happens to him. He’s most interesting early in TVL, but when he’s actually out... vampiring around, there’s little appeal for me. I can’t appreciate any complexity in him when his self-love almost makes me wince every time he appears.
Also, ugh, David. I think it’s just that he reminds me of someone I loathe, but... ugh. David. I’m so articulate, can’t you see I’ll fit right in here? I found him uninteresting and unpleasant to read about, and really couldn’t care less about his sexual exploits.

What's your favorite VC book? Why?:
Probably Queen of the Damned. One of my earliest memories relating to do with anything VC involve my mom watching the execrable movie adaptation (and me being slightly skeeved by this -- no, not because it’s a shitty adaptation, because MOM THERE’S A SHIRTLESS GUY IN A BATHUB FULL OF ROSE PETALS, IS... IS THIS A SEX SCENE?) so I didn’t have particularly high hopes when I began. But I enjoyed the shifting focuses and different stories being told and latched the fuck onto Baby Jenks and the writing was my favorite. Perhaps because I’m (slightly?) better grounded now than when I first read Interview, I appreciated having more "why the fuck are we here" background info. Also, like every other giddy teenager: ARMAND. I’m not too hot on what I know is waiting for me in the other books, but Armand circa QotD is incredibly captivating.

What's your LEAST favorite VC book? Why?: God, I haven’t read enough to pass a judgement, but I don’t particularly care for Body Thief. The sex parts just make me titter like an immature 10 year old again, and it brought out some of what I liked least about Lestat as narrator. I can deal with sensual overtones just fine, but I guess I just have little patience for "isn’t it swell to have a cock?" Teehee. Swell. And sadly, yeah, I’m shallow enough that that kills my appreciation of the novel. The plotline left me cold, and perhaps I’ll appreciate it more once I’ve read absolutely every VC book and then gone back to TotBT, but it was a poor introduction to the series.

If you could change one thing about the series, what would it be?: I don’t mind the religious themes, but I wish Rice could be more consistent with them. The abandonment themes in the earlier books were what snagged me; knowing she goes totally hog-wild in Blood Canticle is sadmaking.
I had some VC wallpapers for iphone sitting on my computer, and have decided to post them up here in case anybody would want them. They are from the Japanese covers of VC.

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I recently acquired a copy of The Vampire Companion, and I was wondering if it's worth the read? How is the version with the MtD stuff added in different from the first edition? In your opinion, is the author biased against a character or a book?

Really, what I want to know is if I should just save myself the trouble (I really wish I had had someone to ask that before I read Merrick).

imagining our favorite characters

I've just re-read TVL and have been wondering about something that I didn't catch during earlier readings. When Marius leaves Lestat to go to the village and Lestat wanders around the house before he goes down to the shrine to play Nicki's violin for Akasha and Enkil, he says that he had the idea in his head for quite some time before he actually went ahead with it. Even though he quite suddenly decided that yes, he was going to do it, he did think about it for quite some time apparently. Well what I've been wondering about is, Marius, being so nearby in the village, must have known Lestat had this idea, he must have been able to hear Lestat's thoughts about it. So why did Marius not come back and do something about it? Did he think Lestat wasn't really going to do it, that it was just an idea, nothing more? Or could it be possible that perhaps he wanted Lestat to do it, to see what would happen? Or did he not catch Lestat's thoughts about it at all because he wasn't listening, for he was too busy in the village? What do you think? Does it ever get explained (if so I must have missed it)?

In addition, I have a question about the VC in general. I think most of us agree that while Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise did a fine job in IwtV the movie, for most of us they're not exactly (or exactly not) what we picture Louis and Lestat look like. When reading the books, we all have our own pictures in our mind of what the characters look like. When you read the books, do you prefer having your own images of your favorite character(s), created solely by your own imagination, or do you like picturing an existing someone who in your mind looks exactly like your favorite characters? If the former, then do you feel seeing pictures (in movies or on websites) that are supposed to portray the characters ever influence the images created by your imagination? And if the latter, who do you feel looks like your favorite character(s)? I'd love to see some photos too if you have any, if it's okay to post photos in a thread.

As for myself, I always preferred having my own images in my mind, created only by my imagination, as I never felt anyone really looked like how I picture Lestat, Armand, Louis, etc. Especially Lestat I suppose as he's my favorite character. Nothing could really influence those images in my head either, they were just always the same, just how I imagined them. But recently, on a VC website, I came across a small picture that to me is exactly how Lestat looks - and so now that is mostly how I picture Lestat when reading the books. It helps too I suppose that I have no clue who the person in the photo is, as on the site I found it on it just says it's Lestat, and since it's an Italian site that hasn't been updated in about 3 years, there is no real way to find out... so I just like to imagine it's Lestat and not someone who looks like Lestat :) And I have found I really like having an actual picture, now that I have one that to me looks exactly like how I always imagined Lestat. Picture under the cut for anyone who's curious. And like I said, if you have anyone in particular or any photo you feel portrays your favorite character(s) I'd love to see them!
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The uh, organ...

So, I feel really silly asking this, but it's something that's been puzzling me for years. There's a line - I believe it's in QoD after Lestat's major infusion of Akasha's blood, where he's looking himself over, and seeing how the blood has changed him - where Lestat says 'the organ was poised to do what it would never want or need to do anything'. I'm paraphrasing there, because I don't have my books with me at the moment, but that was the basic gist.

So, my question is...does that mean Lestat is walking around with a huge erection for all eternity?

Or it just momentarily all infused with the Blood if the Ancients? Either way...basically Anne is telling us is that it's kind of like vampire Viagra, right?

I'm sorry but it had to be asked...

The VC and reading age...

My first non-introductory post, yay! ^_^

I had two questions, I've been thinking about...

Question 1) I was browsing the older entries in the community, and I noticed that, myself included, most of us seem to have first read the VC when we were about 10 - 13. Why do you think that is? The books are certainly not geared towards young teens. My theory is it's something about being much more receptive to and uncritical of the type of 'lush, florid' prose Anne uses. (Or it could just be a the timin? In my case, I saw the IV movie in theaters -uh, 3 times, accompanied first by my horrified mother then my horrified father - then decided to read the book...)

Question 2) Was there anything you noticed, or that took on greater/different meaning for you when you re-read the books at an older age? For example, I know this is kind of a little thing, but just the idea that Lestat looks 20 really struck me. Because for a 13 year old, 20 years old is really grown up. But now that I'm 28...the idea that Lestat basically looks like a college kid is so funny to me. (And don't even get me started on Armand the high school kid...)




How long have you been reading VC?:
Since I was 12, so...16 years? I'm not sure if that makes me happy or sad....

Which books have you read?:
All of them, except for Blood Canticle. I could only get through the first chapter...

Who's your favorite character, and why?:
The Brat Prince, no question. There is just no one like him. I love his irrepressible optimism, the way no logic or amount of experience will ever stop him from doing exactly what he wants to do regardless of the consequences, how no matter how much he might agonize over doing good he just has a damn good time being himself, the way he's forever falling in love with the world and other people who he loves harder than anyone except for himself.

Aside from Lestat, my favorite would be Armand. Who can say no to a Botticelli angel, after all?

Who's your LEAST favorite character and why?:
Can I choose the later, completely out of character versions of Louis and Lestat from Merrick on?
That or Rowan, because while I don't mind her in general, I don't want her in the VC, and I definitely don't want her suddenly becoming Lestat's one true love...

What's your favorite VC book? Why?:
It's a tie between Tale of the Body Thief and Queen of the Damned. I actually just re-read BT for the first time in about 10 years, and every moment was just so delightful. I love how, as a fan of the series, you know immediately that he's going to make that switch, because he couldn't do anything but. I love the scenes with Lestat and Louis, and Lestat realizing just how much he loves being who he's been for the past 200 years, and how he embraces all those negative aspects of himself, that he needs to be himself even if it means killing, just how selfish and weak he really can be. Also, Lestat re-learning to be human was hilarious.
As far as QotD goes, I have to admit it was all about Daniel and Armand for me. I just loved everything about their story.

What's your LEAST favorite VC book? Why?:
Blood Canticle. I just couldn't get past the first chapter. The was the writing bad (even ignoring Anne using it to blast everyone who wasn't satisfied with Memnoch), the characters were OOC (which had been going on for the past few books to one degree or the other), and more than anything else, I just think it was a really bad idea to try and create anything more than a superficial connection (like the Talamasca, and Aaron and David being friends) between the Mayfair books and the VC.

If you could change one thing about the series, what would it be?:
I was so disappointed not to see any follow up to the whole plotline about the Talamasca declaring war on Lestat et al for turning David (I think it was at the end of Memnoch?) I remember being so excited about the prospect of that storyline, and it never got mentioned again.