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Cheese-Covered Naked Daniel in a Bar

The Real Fans of The Vampire Chronicles
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And lo, the Angry Fan-Hating Soulless Wretch of a Deity In Charge of Casting VC Films said unto the masses: Thou art cursed in my sight and shall know not the pleasures of properly cast characters. Let not Lestat be a natural blond of proper age!

And the fans did quiver with rage and take fire to the AFHSWDICCVF's gonads...

- deusabscondidum

On Blood Canticle: "Sometimes I cry myself to sleep at night wishing I could unread it."


Have you been feeling sad? Lonely? Depressed by the insanity of the outside world and the newfound obsession with sparkly vampires that have brought throngs and throngs of the Edward-worshiping mentally deficient into our midst? Do you love the Vampire Chronicles, but abhor all things to do with the horribly cast (and in some cases, horribly acted) films? The joke of a musical? The general low IQ that comes along with the bottom feeder fans in this fandom? Well, if that's the case, you've found your new home!

This is a community for the most elite fans of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. We are the quote memorizers, the birthday givers, the personality sorters, the role-players, the inside joke-makers, and all in all, we are the worshipers. We don't light candles or anything, because we know how dangerous it would be to feed Lestat's ego that much, and we understand the consequences of allowing dear Louis near naked flame.

This is not a community for the people who believe Louis is whiny, Armand is a middle-aged Spanish man, and Lestat and Jesse are meant to be together. If you are one of these 'outer-ring fans' then we have one simple message for you:

We hate you.

For other things we hate, see HERE.

OUR MASCOT (Bob the Camel): http://bobthecamel.livejournal.com

The rules for this community are as follows:

1. Do not talk about Twilight.

2. Do not talk about Twilight.


4. No arguing with the moderator (secret_savior), at any time, no matter if you're right or you're not. This rule is very important, as secret_savior will eat off your face if you even try.

5. If you are posting ICONS of any sort, do not include icons from other fandoms (i.e. in a post of 15 icons, all 15 have to be VC themed. Don't post something that has, for example: [1] Velvet Goldmine, [6] Vampire Chronicles, [3] Star Wars, [2] Matrix, [3] X-Men) it isn't that hard to separate them and post only those that apply to this community.

6. Make an introductory post. It doesn't have to be long, just tell us who you are and just what makes you an elitist fan of VC. It isn't too much to ask, we believe, that you include the following in said introductory post (As of 11/18/09, all intro posts must contain more than one sentence for each answer or they'll be rejected. Put some damn thought into it, please.):

6a. In the aforementioned introductory post, if you don't want to fill out your own name then don't bother putting anything. Stupid nicknames are, in fact, stupid. Your name is not Raven Rose.


7. If you are one of the above mentioned 'outer-ring' fans, do not join this community. If you do, and you make it known that you are one of those, then you will be immediately banned.

8. SPAM concerning any other branch of vampire literature or vampire-related movies will be deleted, unless it is CLOSELY related to VC in some way. (I.E. Don't post about Underworld, Lost Boys, or any of that nonsense.)

9. You may promote communities if they're themed around any of the interests listed in this profile. They do not necessarily have to be entirely VC themed, although it is appreciated. Do not promote communities merely because you're a member of them.

See? Not many rules. Just make sure you follow those listed.

For further information on said rules refer Here.

Elitist's Sister Community (now closed to new membership until further notice):


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