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Hello all!

Hey all- it's just been quiet here for a long time and that makes me sad. I'm sure we've all moved on to other fandoms, however dearly we still hold our bloodsucking darlings, but I still think fondly of those heady days when this place was jumping.

As The Almighty Anne Rice is planning to write a new Lestat book, I figured it would be a good time to throw a few words out into the ether. Any thoughts on it? Hopes? Dreams? Dreads? Plot lines you hope to see tied up?
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Nine Worlds (August 9th-11th, London) - I hope its alright to post this here, but it seems relevant?

Nine Worlds is a massive, multi-interest geeky convention being ran in London over the weekend of the 9th-11th August, 2013.

And one of the 'tracks' (streams of themed sessions) is dedicated to vampires!

The vampire track is still gaining momentum, but thus far the following workshops have been confirmed:

Fictional Vampires; Real World Problems: Taking vampires from the gothic and into the mundane.
A short talk on the evolution of the vampire mythos, followed by a discussion where we will puzzle out the ethical and practical qaundries vampires (and their fans, authors and roleplayers) face in modern, realistic settings.
Fandoms: Wod: Requiem, Anita Blake, True Blood, Let me in, Buffy, Anne Rice etc. Bring your own!
Age suitability: Moderate (PG). Vampires are vampires, but this is aiming toward the lighthearted.
Triggers: Mild discussions of fictional blood and blood drinking, and possibly some discussions of fictional violence.

Fangzines: Vampire created media workshop:
A creative space for making pieces of media from a world where vampires exist. Think bloody menus, anti-vampire warning posters, news articles or guides for baby vamps among other things. Let your imagination run wild and create something with bite!
Fandoms: Anything vampire related. Bring your own.
Age suitability: Moderate (PG). Vampires are vampires, but this is aiming toward the lighthearted.
Triggers: Mild discussions of fictional blood and blood drinking, and possibly some discussions of fictional violence.

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I miss this community being active. In an effort to procrastinate finishing a paper I have due in 12 hours, I was perusing back-logged entries and I had an idea.

How many of you would be interested in doing a community-wide read of one of the VC books? We could set a number of chapters to have read by a certain time and then just do a general (or specific!) discussion about what went on. I know that it's been a very long time for me since I last re-read any of the VC books, and given what a crucial part of my life it has been...that saddens me.

So, hands up, folks! How many of you would participate in this? I just want to get a general idea and then we can work out the rest when I figure out how many of you are still hanging around LJ.


Name Megan

Age *sigh* 41

How long have you been reading VC? Since I was a senior or junior in high school. During an English class the teacher was lecturing on Dracula he mentioned other vampire books and he mentioned Interview With the Vampire. I checked it out and was hooked.

Which books have you read? I've read the first four, skimmed Memnoch, dipped slightly into Merrick becauese it had Louis but put it back on the library shelf after a few minutes. I've read TVA and have my eye on Pandora and B&G. Reluctant to try Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle partly because of info I've gleaned from though mostly I have no interest in the character presented in those books. No interest in Vittorio.

Who's your favorite character and why? Its always hard for me to single out a favorite on just about anything. I'd say its a tie between Louis and Maharet. Maharet because she's thousands of years old but never had to go to ground because of her love and nurturing of the Great Family; its good to see a traditionally feminine strength portrayed as an actual strenth. I think I'll just always have a soft spot for Louis; introspective, philosophical and searching for the truth. He felt haunted in a subdued way. But I like Marius, Jesse, Claudia, Khayman, Gabrielle, Daneil, Armand, Mael, Santino, Alissandra, Pandora and early Lestat as well.

Who's your LEAST favorite character and why? While I find characters like Gretchen, Dora, Benji and Sybelle a drag its David that really irritates me. He had a very minor role in Queen of the Damned and then in the next book I was told that he and Lestat became BFF off page and suddenly he's the second most important character while the rest of the cast is sidelined. Also I just w kind of wanted to smack him when he said that he secretly wanted the dark gift all along and no means yes. But mostly I'm angry that he took up space that could have been devoted to the others. Want someone Lestat could talk to? Louis, Gabrielle, Marius. Vampire with Talamasca background and contacts? Jesse. Chronicler of the vampires? That Daniel's role. For that matter Marius or Jesse could've taken on the role of vampire historian.

What's your favorite VC book? Why? Queen of the Damned because I loved having multiple viewpoints, I liked story of the Twins and the Great Family and it was the most splendid gathering of immortals. Interview is a very close second; I loved Louis' narration and the family dynamics of Lestat, Louis and Claudia. I really feel like Anne Rice touched greatness when she wrote IWiT.

What's your LEAST favorite VC book? Why? Tale of the Body Thief. I feel that previous books expanded the vampires and was hoping for more exploration of vampire history and of the characters introduced in QoD; instead Anne fell in love with one of her character and turned it into the Lestat Chroncles. The Brat is entertaining and I generally like him but I got burned out on theguy and Anne's adoration of him. Body Thief is where I started to drift away from the VC. Recently I saw some old fanfiction on An Archive of Our Own which sparked my interest and then I checked livejournal for communities. Looking through the Elist' archives actually revived my interest in the books.

If you could change one thing about the series what would it be? Just one? Hmmmmm. Either the series doesn't become Lestatcentric or Anne adopts a live and let live as long you don't make money off my books attitude towards fanfiction like most authors seem to. Or religion and faith are handled more subtly.
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Well Hullo :)

Name: Jennifer

Age: 20

How long have you been reading VC?:  Ooooh,  I'd say about 6 year? I read TVL first of all, and it was one of the first books that I fully got lost in. Brilliant reading experience and it got me hooked.

Which books have you read?: Right well, IwtV, TVL, QotD, TVA, BaG, MtD, BF, and a wee bitties of Pandora and TtotBT.

Who's your favorite character, and why?: Admittedly, I'm an Armand junkie. I love him because he's just so strange and unstable. I love that he's not far off the brink of vampire legality if that's an appropriate term, being turned as a young teenager. Couple the psychological effects from that in addition to his experiences throughout his mortal and immortal life, and I love the result. I love his madness, and his brattiness (so often so much more a brat than Lestat) - his mania in general to be honest. He keeps me engaged constantly and I always wished Ms. Rice would have used and explored him more.
Who's your LEAST favorite character and why?: Hrrmmm now I'm not sure about this one. I'm tempted to say Pandora, but that's based solely on the fact that she's one of the ones I've read with the least really. But that's not quite fair. Suppose if it came down to it, it would have to be Lestat believe it or not. I seem to have this personal aversion to the direct main character focus of any kind of series :P

What's your favorite VC book? Why?:  Any doubt? The Vampire Armand. Just gave me a deeper look at the character that caught my attention in TVL.

What's your LEAST favorite VC book? Why?: I could never quite get to grips with TtotBT. It's a brilliant premise, and I'm sure a great book; but I just can't seem to dive in unfortunately.

If you could change one thing about the series, what would it be?: Perhaps I may be hounded for saying this, but one of the things would be the indulgent nature of SOME of the narratives. It's a slight tendancy of Anne Rice's writing that slips into the VC occassionally, but I reckon that occurs with most if not all writers.
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I just noticed something that's bugging me. In Armand's story in TVL, he was brought to Constantinople in "the last days of the Byzantine Empire." He then says, in TVA, that Santino "stuffed credos down [his] throat on the year 1500 before [he] was sent to Paris." I'm not an expert, but didn't the Byzantine Empire fall sometime during the 1450s? Add those three years he spent with Marius to that, and the six months (?) he spent as a vampire with Marius, before Santino got a hold of him. It didn't take years for Santino to convert him, surely? How long before he was sent to Paris?

What I'm asking is, does the timeline make sense?